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How is your HVAC system like your teeth?

Your heating and air equipment is one of the hardest working systems in your home or business. Without HVAC in metro Atlanta, our life or work would grind to a miserable halt.

Consider this--- your HVAC system is like your teeth.

#1. Changing your filter monthly is just like brushing your teeth! We all know why we brush our teeth. We don't have to brush our teeth unless we plan on keeping them.

Most manufacterers recommend monthly filter changes to extend the life of your system. Your filter is designed to keep the internal heat exchanger, coil, blower, and electronics clean from dust, dander, and hair. A clean system runs easier and more effeciently.

#2. So if brushing your teeth is akin to changing your filter, then having a better filtration system is like flossing your teeth.

Often as a technican, I can tell the age of the furnace by the thickness of dust adhering to the electronics and blower. But on systems with an improved filter system, the age of your equipment is not apparent in the least. This investment aids in better airflow and long lasting system due to simply flossing.

#3. Having a regular maintenance inspection is like having dentist visit for a cleaning and inspection.

Following these steps above help keep down costly and painful procedures like cavities, root canals, extractions, and implants. I'm sorry, I meant failed compressors, blowers, and high electric/gas bills.

Treat your HVAC system how you want to treat your teeth. Don't take your teeth or HVAC system for granted.


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