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A Job Well Done!

What is NATE Certification?

Congratulations are in order! Many of you likely remember me highlighting and hopefully have met one of our greatest technicians, the other Chris— Chris Lowry. To spare any confusion, I often ask our clients to call him “Lowry” to help keep things straight because I get confused easily! Lowry has been with AvaAir for four years, significantly impacting our company, team, culture, and clients. He’s skilled, and customer service is the name of his game.

You may be wondering why I’d like to congratulate him! Lowry is now officially NATE certified! The North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the nation’s leading non-profit four-part certification for the heating and cooling industry. Along with ensuring that the technicians are skilled and trained through advanced courses, NATE-certified technicians receive a patch that displays professionalism, pride, and trust. It proves to both contractors and manufacturers that these technicians have the knowledge and skill to do the job right, are trustworthy, and deliver the best customer service in our customer’s homes.

When you see Lowry proudly wearing his NATE patch, please congratulate him — it isn’t an easy accomplishment, but it’s certainly well-deserved! We are proud to have Lowry as a part of our team — he not only delivers the very best for our customers, but he is like family here at AvaAir.

I also want to remind you of our maintenance plan! Don’t forget that the first 100 customers to sign up will be grandfathered into receiving night and weekend visits at no additional charge. We currently do not charge extra for our evening, Saturday, and Sunday services, but soon, as we continue to grow, we will begin charging for these calls. As an added perk, the service fee for all maintenance customers will be waived for each service call (an $89 value)!

Many of these first 100 maintenance plans are spoken for, but we still have some available! Don’t forget to ring us to find out more and get yourself signed up. As summer kicks into full force, you’ll want to ensure your maintenance is complete, and now is the perfect time. In April and May, when the mornings are still chilly, we cannot test your A/C and thoroughly identify any potential problems. The time is now!

For newer air conditioning units, you can wait a little longer to call us out for regular maintenance, but if your AC unit is a bit older, we need to see you sooner. Are you set to weather out the summer heat with a cooling system you can trust and rely on? I promise you can rely on us to ensure your system lasts all summer. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance appointment! We can’t wait to see you!

Happy Summer!


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