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Our Greatest Offer Yet!

Many of you may remember me mentioning the crazy, sporadic spree of emergency calls we fielded during the Christmas holiday here in the Atlanta area. During that time, temperatures were much more frigid than we’re used to. But now, as summer creeps up (it’s practically knocking on our doorstep), I want every one to be prepared.

Coach Jared with his team holding up number 1 fingers.
Coach Jared

Even just a few hours in the hot summer heat without a properly functioning cooling system can be brutal. While I do my absolute best to make sure we have someone out to you swiftly, I’m never able to promise we can make it out immediately.

Jared petting a customers cute puppy.
Jared being awesome

Well, we’ve finally done it! The final puzzle piece to allowing us to provide preventive maintenance to stop problems in their tracks before they become disasters has arrived! I’d like to introduce Jared, our new Head Maintenance Guru! Seven years ago, Jared left the freezing state of Michigan and moved to Woodstock, Georgia. A family man, he is married with three daughters ages 21, 11, and 9. The oldest of the three atten

ds DePaul University in Chicago, and his younger girls attend Woodstock schools. When Jared isn’t working, he coaches basketball and soccer, as he’s extremely passionate about mentoring and teaching, and loves to help others unlock their full potential. “My family and my faith are the biggest pillars in my life,” he says.

As our Head Maintenance Guru, Jared will be reaching out to all of our customers to get preventive maintenance scheduled to ensure that throughout this brutally hot summer, you don’t experience any complications. Just like your dental exams help to identify any problems before they arise, the same is true for HVAC maintenance. And it’s the best way we can take care of our customers. So, expect a phone call from Jared!

I know I’ve talked about our upcoming maintenance program at length, and you may be tired of me discussing it, but bringing someone on to spearhead this program is going to revolutionize the way we can serve you.

Jared and Family
Jared and Family

With our new maintenance plan, you will now have the option to hop on a monthly subscription — and instead of incurring a “one lump sum” charge for annual or bi-annual maintenance, you’ll receive the benefit of smaller, monthly payments. As an additional perk, for the first 100 customers to sign up, you will be grandfathered into receiving night and weekend visits at no extra charge. We currently do not charge extra for our evening and Saturday and Sunday services, but in the near future, as we continue to grow, we will begin charging for these calls. Lastly, as a maintenance customer, the service fee for each service call will be waived (an $89 value)!

As summer rolls in, I wish you all great summer vacations, barbeques, and some fun in the sun! Stay safe — we can’t wait to see you soon!


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