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Really? Yes! It's okay to drop the temp (a little) in the Spring. Here's why...

How to solve Spring humidity issues

Spring time! Awesome time of the year. Mild sunny days and the temperature in your home is 72 or 73F. So why are we uncomfortable inside?

The average person keeps their cooling thermostat set for 72 or 73F. Since that your inside temperature so closely matches the outdoor temps, the AC will run only for a short time. That discomfort you feel is a build up of humidity.

Optimal comfort requires that the AC do 2 things...

1. Cool the air

2. Dehumidify the air

We know that AC is cooling because its keeping the house at 72 or 73. But we need to run the AC more in the Spring (and Fall sometimes) to dehumidify.

To dehumidify, your air conditioner needs to run longer. This is when a digital thermostat is a smart investment, in the spring you can lower your house temp 1 or 2 degrees lower. These 2 degrees are enough to extract the latent heat (humidity) from you home.

(In the peak of summer, your AC runs a fair amount longer if not nearly all the time. This longer run time gives you the dehumidification you need)

AvaAir. We'll be there.

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