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Refrigerant lines: What you don't know can hurt your wallet!

I love my job. I enjoy the satisfaction of making a repair to bring comfort to a referred customer. Every customer at this point has been referred from a another. So, I consider you a friend and family.

I've been finding far too much substandard work from other previous air conditioning companies. Airflow, wiring, and refrigerant lines.

Today I want to tell you why Refrigerant lines: What you don't know can hurt your wallet!

Is your refrigerant line a giant shark waiting to eat you? No. But it's much like that picture, it's an easily hidden problem that is slowing hurting your wallet. I've found multiple poor existing installs that have finally started to take a toll on the air conditioner system.

Refrigerant lines are the arteries and veins of your AC system. Your compressor is the heart. For your cooling to work properly we can't have any bad valves, branches, blockages etc just like your heart.

The manufacturer specifies precisely the size (diameter) and length that will ensure the proper operation, efficiency, and lifespan of their equipment. This gets broken at an alarming rate.

I've found poor improper restrictive piping while doing maintenance, repairs, replacements, and while doing a pre-purchase inspection for real estate transactions.

Here's a simple picture of one-- Looks like no big deal BUT IT IS!!!

Will the system run? Sure but it's cursed from the day of install to the last day of it's shortened life. It's cursed to cost you money daily, weekly, monthly electric bills and prematurely causing you to purchase a replacement.

AvaAir will install the refrigerant lines properly. We'll correct faults and replace if needed.

AvaAir. We'll be there.

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