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Holiday Wishes from AvaAir

The Holidays have arrived! And with them comes cooler weather, holiday decorations, festive cheer, celebrations, and some much-needed family time. After another tough year, I can’t wait for the holiday season to provide us with some time to reflect on gratitude and the smaller things that make our lives so wonderful.

I am extremely grateful for the customers I serve who give me the opportunity to do something I love. My customers remind me each day of the importance of constantly striving to better myself and AvaAir. I am thankful for my team of technicians who aren’t just “polite,” as we are commonly referred to, but are also a crew of people with a passion for servicing our clients to the best of our abilities. Many people work just to work, and it’s just a job and a paycheck for them. However, here at AvaAir Heating & Cooling, we don’t need bodies; our team is small and comprised of those who genuinely enjoy what they do — and get the job done.

To me, family is everything, and I am blessed every day by them. The support, happiness, and comfort that they offer me is second to none. Having people who are able to fill my heart with so much love is a gift. 

A neat family tradition that I began on Christmas the year my daughter, Ava, was born is making our signature “Santa Cookies.” They are peanut butter oatmeal chocolate drop cookies — my personal favorite — so rich and luxurious that I really can only have them once a year. Ava, on the other hand, now twelve years old, begs me to make them all throughout the year. I tell her that they are only for Christmas. After all, they wouldn’t be Santa Cookies if we had them in June! 

Before COVID-19 struck, our Santa Cookies were a hit. Around the holidays, Ava and I delivered them in groups of ten to all of our friends and neighbors. We had a blast making them together, a true father-daughter bonding experience. We worked our way all the way up to baking four batches of cookies at once! 

Shifting gears a bit, I am grateful for my business. However, something I have noticed with many of the big heating and cooling companies in the Atlanta market is that they offer an extremely low cost for routine checkups on your system. They don’t include any extra services in their evaluation — it’s almost like a bait and switch.

Here at AvaAir, we do cost a little more because we include some critical necessary services to keep your systems running at full potential. For instance, our summer maintenance includes chemical cleaning because we all need it. Here in the south, we have pollen, and that can wreak havoc on your system over time. For older systems, we include one free pound of refrigerant in your system. We aren’t here to upsell; we are here to take care of our clients.

This holiday season, I wish you a safe and happy time spent with friends, family, and those you hold dear. And don’t forget to service your heating and cooling systems! 

–Chris Heenan


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