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Say Cheese, Puppies! The Scoop on the Newest Trend in Atlanta.

A new trend has emerged in the world of AvaAir Heating & Cooling! All of the dog-clients cannot wait to pose for their photo with me while I service the heating and cooling systems in their homes. It’s a true pup love affair!

Many of the latest reviews and recommendations circling the internet about AvaAir have all mentioned how much their dog enjoyed my visit. In fact, it’s not only dogs that are drawn to me. There have been times when I’m sitting on the ground, working on someone’s thermostat, and the household bird waddles over and hops up on my shoulder. I always tease my clients, jovially of course, that I’ll have their dogs come stay with me for the week.

Truth be told, just as much as the pooches and birds love having me come over to help with their A/C, I equally adore it. Growing up, I lived on a farm in Tennessee and we had dogs, horses, and cats. The barn dogs were the absolute best because they rode around on the tractors, and it was always a great time. I now have two dogs, and life would not be the same without them.

Lucy, my Australian shepherd, is 9 and Max, my English Bulldog, is 4. In fact, Lucy and my daughter, Ava, whom the company is named after, grew up together. My love affair with dogs on the job didn’t start just recently.

Years before I got my dog, Lucy, I used to carry dog treats with me to work to bond with the pups I’d visit that day. Once I had Lucy, I noticed that I no longer needed to carry the treats with me because once the dogs smelled Lucy’s scent on me, they knew it was safe. I could be aggressively greeted by the largest, scariest dog and they too would let down their guard right away. Recently, a client was fearful that her dog would bark and bite, but instead, he laid down right in front of me for a belly rub — it’s a skill. Some call me the dog whisperer, but I’m just doing my job and cherishing my time with some of the most special animals out there.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of my years servicing heating and cooling systems, it’s that only the little dogs will bite you. It’s usually only nipping at your ankle on the way out — and I really don’t mind. Dogs give you all their love — and it’s unconditional. When you come home, they are so excited to see you; you are their whole world. There is no better feeling than arriving at a client’s house and knowing that their pup is thrilled to have you there, and better yet, to get a photo with you. I already love doing this job, but getting love and hugs from dogs or birds is just gravy

AvaAir. We'll Be There. (for you and your pets!)

Thanks, Chris


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