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Summer Is Certainly Here! And some fun stories.

Everyone, summer has arrived, but I don’t need to tell you that — it’s hot! I hope you’ve kept up with your routine A/C maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly and strong all summer long, and if you haven’t, we are always here to do a quick check up! For this newsletter, I have a few fun stories and recent happenings to share.

A few weeks back, I replaced an A/C unit in a customer’s home. For years, I’ve called this client Shawn because that’s the name he used when I met him and that he seemed to go by. However, for this new A/C unit, I had to do some digging to locate blueprints of his house to ensure his A/C unit was sized properly. In that moment, I discovered that he isn’t just Shawn, his name is Christopher Shawn! This shocked me because I’m Christopher Sean. And, even more crazy, if you remember my employee of three years, Lowry (who we discussed a few editions ago), he is also a Christopher Sean!

What are the odds? It’s absolutely remarkable and memorable to me. Thus, it only seemed right to line up by the newly installed A/C and take a great photo.

While we were working at Christopher Shawn’s home to get that new A/C unit installed, the neighbor a few doors down, who had originally referred Christopher Shawn to us, stopped by. He wanted to say hello and was interested in what we were working on. So, we gave him the full tour and chatted for some time.

Two weeks later, unbeknownst to me, my team and I were in the tail end of the same neighborhood and the same guy drove by. He seemed shocked to see us in the area again and stopped. He told me that when he sees multiple vans at a home, he knows that it’s an install and always likes to stop and say hello because he knows I’ll be out there, too. When this client heard the man say this, he exclaimed, “Hey, you guys have groupies!” Well, I guess we do!

Lastly, we have two new employees on board — one is just finishing up school at Chattahoochee Technical College and the other is just getting started! They are Huy Tran and Ed Infanzon, and I’m sure you’ll all be getting the opportunity to meet them soon!

In fact, speaking of Ed, I have a funny story about him. I received a call from a client and she told me she had both bad news and good news to share. With sadness, she told me her dachshund passed away, but the good news was that she got another one, and he “isn’t mean like the last one.” She even told me that he’ll love me!

Well, when Ed went out to her home and knocked on the door, the dachshund went running out, and he had to run and catch him. Luckily, the pup came right to him!

I hope you will all have an enjoyable summer, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Be well! –Chris Heenan


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