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Summertime Heat.

A Time For System Servicing.

Summertime is on the horizon! I don’t know about you, but for me, the first half of the year has

really flown by! Temperatures are certainly on the rise. We can now leave our jackets at home

as we can expect warm days and sunny skies ahead. Before we know it, it’ll be the Fourth of

July! Time sure flies.

We are entering the time of year when we all depend on our A/C units heavily. It seems that

every couple of minutes on the radio, you’re sure to hear a catchy advertisement from a heating

and cooling company offering extremely inexpensive maintenance inspections to make sure

your systems are running up to speed so that you can depend on them all summer long. But,

I’m here to warn you that these companies, while they will show up and come out, are not going

to do much for you. While we aren’t the cheapest, we offer true efficiency improvement — it’s

one of our core values. When we come out, we will actually make it better, while other

companies will give your system a once-over, give you a thumbs-up, then move on to the next


Over the last year, many long-term customers have retrieved second quotes to compare to

ours, which I completely understand! After all, we get second opinions from the doctor, second

quotes for auto repair, or another estimate for appliance servicing. It’s the only way to stay

educated about what service is available to us on the market. These second quotes have given

me the opportunity to review what other companies are offering, and I’m able to see that many

are selling premium brand equipment with a 5-year warranty. I’m proud to announce that I offer

a 10-year warranty on my premium equipment, which beats Home Depot and Costco by far!

I understand that it’s all about the best deal for the lowest price and that’s why I’m comfortable

letting you know that if there are any financing deals that catch your attention, I will match it. If

they can do it, we can do it. I’d much rather have my valued clients get things done the right way

than go with someone else just because they were offered a lower price. 

As the summer heat rolls in, don’t forget to change your air filters and schedule your

maintenance appointments! We look forward to seeing you soon! Thanks, Chris H

AvaAir. We'll Be There.


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