You’ve Been There for AvaAir

As We Continue On, We Thank You

To me, it’s plain and simple, and it always has been: Without clients like you, there would be no

us. Twelve years after my daughter Ava was born and this business was founded, we’re still

here because at some point you trusted us with the integrity of your house. I love my job, but I

know that it’s not always easy to have a stranger in your house — even if we don’t feel like

strangers by the time we leave! 

But truly, that trust is one of the two highest compliments you can pay. The other is telling your

friends and family about us so that we can help them out, and many of you have done exactly

that. Because of you, we’ve been able to focus on doing the best work money can buy at a rate

that’s right for families and single homeowners alike. AvaAir has done far more business from

repeat clients and referrals than from advertising, and I can’t imagine that ever changing. I can’t

imagine wanting it to change. 

Six years is a long time, and as you may remember, it was also a rough time for many

in our economy. We’ve been able to do what we do because heating and air conditioning is

actually my hobby; on weekdays during normal working hours, I’m a mild-mannered educator

teaching the subject at one of Atlanta’s wonderful local trade schools. On nights and weekends,

I get to put my knowledge to work, and I really love making things work. I’ve had homeowners

wonder how I can crawl out of a hot attic in a Georgia summer, covered in insulation dust after

tinkering with their AC system for an hour, and still be smiling. All I can say is that I love the


That love means the company I’ve built has grown only as I find the right people, and our team

is small but dedicated. Over the years, I’ve built up a loyal customer base made up of you and

people like you. AvaAir technicians share my passion for HVAC and also my drive to provide the

highest level of service while prioritizing homeowner comfort. As they’ll tell you themselves, I

often say that if we’re “average,” we’re losing! But I’ve found that if you don’t hire “average,” you

end up with our crew of “efficiency geeks” who are motivated by the work itself as well as client


We love to share our enthusiasm with people, so I’m excited about the ways this newsletter will

let us do that. It’s going to be a place to get tips and tricks from us — all kinds of ways for you to

be an “efficiency geek” in your own right, which can save you money and improve the comfort of

your home. And you’ll get to hear personal anecdotes from my years in the field, experiences

from other clients that we’ve worked with, and learn a bit more about the crew of people who’ve

joined me in this enterprise

I couldn’t put my daughter’s name on something I wasn’t proud of, and I’ve worked hard to

make sure AvaAir is that kind of company. It may have grown from a side hobby to a family

business, but we’ve kept that hobby-like passion the whole time. That, and the loyalty and good

words of people like you, is what makes it all worthwhile. 

Here’s to another 6 years! Thanks, Chris H

AvaAir. We'll Be There.

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