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Take Care of Yourself!

Spring is on the horizon. Temperatures might be creeping back up a tad, flowers will start blooming, and for many of you with children, spring break will be rapidly approaching. Easter will be here, and then summer vacation, beach and lake days, and fun under the sun. The last thing I ever want you to worry about is your heating and air conditioning. I love all of my customers like family, and I don’t want you to suffer an emergency heating or cooling situation.

As I write this letter to you in mid-late January, I’m thinking about the cold snap we had right before Christmas (surely, you remember when temperatures dropped way lower than we are all used to). Here at AvaAir Heating & Cooling, we had 26 emergency appointments between Friday and Monday over the Christmas holiday weekend. Only two of those customers were regular maintenance customers.

So, my regular customers, who we do routine preventative maintenance for, didn’t experience any problems. That’s why I keep saying it in every newsletter that I send out to you and I apologize for being “all about me,” but really, this is all about you: It tremendously benefits you, our prime customers, for us to get on a regular maintenance schedule together to prevent any surprise issues from creeping up. We all know that problems seem to arise at the WORST times— it’s just the nature of the beast. 

Some of you might be receiving this newsletter for the first time, and if that’s you, welcome! This is how I keep in touch, share updates, and check in with you. You’ll hear some bizarre stories, some great HVAC tips, and you’ll get some insight into what’s going on within AvaAir. This is about all of the advertising that we do. I have 24 new customers that came aboard over Christmas weekend, and now, we are dedicating one special technician just to focus on all

maintenance appointments. 

I’d like to stress that the technicians that AvaAir sends to work on your heating and cooling systems are men who I would trust to do my own home and my immediate neighbors’ homes too. It’s similar to when you go to the dentist — the dentist will check in and look over the X-rays, but he or she is not doing all the cleaning of your teeth — instead, they place you in the hands of a capable and trusted dental hygiene professional. You are in good hands with my guys! 

In other news — go, Georgia Bulldogs for coming out on top. It took a lot of hard work, and I’m extremely proud of our team. Although my dog, Max, was a rescue bulldog from Florida, I still consider him to be my very own Georgia bulldog. To any of you who may have gone to Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, the school with Elephants, or any other school that we’ve whooped — sorry! :) 

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and fun spring season. Don’t forget to give us a call to set up your maintenance appointment. Let’s prevent those freak, sneak-up heating and cooling emergencies.

–Chris Heenan


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