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Hard Lessons from Summer of 2022

There’s only one thing worse than showing up to a hot, humid, and steamy home to repair or replace their A/C unit in 90-degree summer weather: knowing that my customer is suffering through this. My clients are all friends who become family, and it pains me when problems arise and they are left without a cooling system in the dog days of summer.

It has been an extraordinarily hot summer this year, and I owe each of you an apology as a customer. I noted something huge over the past few months. Those homes I visited during the fall, winter, and even spring months for preventative maintenance and service did not experience any cooling complications over this brutal summer. However, those homes we missed out on paying a quick checkup visit to were the ones that experienced unfortunate, uncomfortable and HOT A/C trouble.

H.T. completing summer maintenance
H.T. completing summer maintenance

If you’ve ever had your A/C go out, especially in the dead of summer, and you’re reading this, then you can sympathize with me for those homeowners who experienced this misfortune. It’s safe to say that I’ve learned my lesson, and as your trusted A/C professional, I have a better job to do. Going into next year, expect to get a call from us. We will be better staffed and will reach out to get you on the books for heating and cooling system checkups. We can do better by being there before trouble strikes. After all, proactivity is better than reactivity, especially when it comes to this heat!

To my valued customers, I apologize we weren’t there sooner — stay tuned because we are planning to do better! We aren’t going to wait for your call. We plan to call you. I don’t want to just be a Band-Aid guy — I want to be a preventative guy, too!

With fall just around the corner and October nearly on our doorsteps, I’m excited for some cooler temperatures, the holiday season with its much-needed family time, and I’m also excited for some work “business,” too!

Once summer is behind us, we will have an opportunity to assist customers with other things besides just cooling system emergencies. Some homeowners have requested zoning systems to maintain different temperatures in different areas or levels of their homes, upgrades, or convenience packages. If you have any upgrades in mind, now is the perfect time to get on the books since we are winding down from the summer rush.

To each and every one of you, we will be seeing you soon over the course of the next year for some preventative checkups and maintenance! I wish each of you a happy fall and a magical holiday season. Here’s to closing out the last few months of 2022 strong! –Chris Heenan


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